The sixth edition of the world’s oldest film festival dedicated to the pancake is currently holding a call for submissions for our Festival of Animation and Puppetry. The International Pancake Film Festival is a pancake-based film festival, showcasing films and videos with a good portion of their length dedicated to flapjacks (or hotcakes, johnnycakes, latkes, crepes, blintzes, and griddle cakes). For our autumn 2014 program, we aim to host a screening of film and video shorts that not only feature pancakes, but also use animation and/or puppetry in their production. Hand puppets, claymation, shadow puppets, CGI, marionettes, cel animation, Flash, stop motion, Muppetry, finger puppets, and even SuperDynaMation are all welcomed, and will be accepted in any combination. In a nutshell: we want something that had once been inanimate to be made animate! And we want some variety of flat cake in the mix! If you have an idea for a pancake movie but can’t shoehorn in a good deal of animation or puppetry without sacrificing your syrupy artistic integrity, how about just throwing a sock puppet in the background? We’re not too picky, really. Your submission should be on the shorter side, ideally no longer than 5 minutes in running time. If you have an 18-hour experimental puppet pancake movie, maybe you could cut it down? If you are a musician why not make a stop-motion pancake-based music video? The possibilities are endless! The deadline for entries is October 1st, 2014. As usual, we plan on taking this festival on a short U.S. tour starting in the Boston area and spreading out from there (screening dates and venues TBA).

Rules and Regulations: Entries must be received no later than October 1st, 2014. VHS, Mini-Dv, DVD or QuickTime files are all acceptable formats, but if you could send a Quicktime file that would be both the easiest and the highest quality. Send any files or upload addresses to our e-mail address ( There is no entry fee. Entries cannot be returned unless accompanied by a S.A.S.E. Most likely all work submitted will be shown, unless by some freak occurrence there is a huge deluge of submissions and we end up with 36 hours of footage. In which case we may have to cut some things. Or maybe we’ll turn our festival into some sort of Pancake Woodstock (hopefully not a Pancake Altamont). However the chances of that happening are incredibly slim. By submitting your work you authorize the I.P.F.F. to screen your work. Pancakes will be provided only to persons appearing at said festival. The I.P.F.F. cannot mail, deliver, or hold pancakes for parties unable or unwilling to attend.

Okay. Sorry about all that legalese. Our lawyer recommended putting it in. So if you have a film already featuring animation, puppetry, and pancakes send it our way! Most likely you will have to make something new. Why should you submit, you ask? (1) It will look good on a resume. (2) Sweet prizes will be awarded. (3) You will gain the respect of peers and pancake enthusiasts. (4) If you attend the festival, you will get a free plate of pancakes. Still on the fence? Feel free to email us with any questions or comments at: Send your submission and entry form to:

    Damon W. Bishop
    32 Crescent Street, Room 7C
    Somerville, MA 02145

Thanks for your interest!

Damon Bishop

I.P.F.F. Associate Director